Will It Wash and Dry?

img_2010My iPod shuffle is so tiny it gets lost in my clothing. As such, it gets frequently washed and dried. The remarkable thing is that it still works! The same goes for my V-Moda headphones which after snc10296a spin cycle and drying, it came out in a tangle. Still works! I realized that so many things electronic are spindly and delicate that we’re used to taking care of them with the anxiety reserved for the moments watching someone juggle fine crystal, china, or your loved ones. It makes me quite happy to know that some things do take a licking and keep on ticking. Which is exactly what my Timex watch did after its stint in the wash and dry. Would be curious to find out other people’s experience laundering fine electronics.

4 thoughts on “Will It Wash and Dry?

  1. Ok, so ya my wash n dry item is not electronic but a story none the less. I was 15 years old and I bought an “angora” sweater for $75.00 back in 197_. Well, being the tomboy that I was I knew very little of the thing, the washer and dryer. But, being very proud of my high dollar purchase I washed AND dried my “angora” sweater. To my amazement, it came out of the dryer, big enough to FIT A BARBIE DOLL. NO ANGORA SWEATERS CAN NOT BE WASHED AND DRIED!!!!

  2. I have 2 iphones. While fulfilling my duties as a potty trainer each has survived a full baptism in the toilet. Lesson to learn: Do not carry your ohone like a dork in your shirt pocket. First, you look like a middle aged nerd. Second, bending to help a todder on the john will send it directly to the depths below. If I had any patience I would only own one, but I had to run out and get a replacement after the first horrific plunge. When the second one took a swim I plugged in the old one in a fit of desperation. Surprise, it worked! One ziplock of dry rice and 12 hours later the second one came back online.

    • That’s amazing to hear that the iPhone will wash and dry! It’s a great comfort, because I have a bad history with my laptops. I had one of those superportable Sony’s that cost close to three grand loaded, which I spilled a mug of sweetened, milky tea on. The laptop protection program at Best Buy specifically does not cover beverage incidents. I just dodged a bullet recently on a flight with my Macbook Pro -spilled a Cherry Pepsi on part of the keyboard but avoided disaster by immediately tilting it and sopping it dry. The fn, ctrl, and mouse buttons stick just a bit, but work. The full front pocket, by the way, is avoided by carrying a laptop bag, aka man purse or murse.

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