Apple M-Series


Apple needs to create a premium product line. BMW has their M series. McDonalds gives you the option to supersize their fries. You can now pay an extra 20 bucks to get seated in the exit aisle on your next flight. So why can’t we have serious upgrade options.

I know that when you buy a Mac, you can upgrade the processors and RAM, tweak the screen, and add software, but what I really want is the stuff out of Apple’s skunk works, some imbalance, a heaping load of cognitive dissonance. You see, the problem I’m having with Apple right now is that it is headed towards becoming General Computers.

Why can’t we have a Macbook Pro Premium with the DVD drive slipped out and the space filled with more battery, maxed out i7 processor, and 16 gigs of RAM with a retina display screen? In matte black. Why can’t we have a limited edition micro-Macbook Air suitable for pocketing with a 7 inch letterbox screen and small but full keyboard (like Psion’s), 24 hour battery life, and an SD card slot. Why can’t we have a limited edition iPod Touch with a 5 inch retina display and impossible thinness? How about an iPod nano phone with a separate, flawless bluetooth headset, that also functions as a wi-fi hotspot for all your iGadgets.

There is a market for these items, in much the same way that there is a market for Ferrari’s and personal submarines. When the overweight lady with crazy hair and too many shopping bag carry ons is poking around on an iPad -it’s not so fun.

Will It Wash and Dry?

img_2010My iPod shuffle is so tiny it gets lost in my clothing. As such, it gets frequently washed and dried. The remarkable thing is that it still works! The same goes for my V-Moda headphones which after snc10296a spin cycle and drying, it came out in a tangle. Still works! I realized that so many things electronic are spindly and delicate that we’re used to taking care of them with the anxiety reserved for the moments watching someone juggle fine crystal, china, or your loved ones. It makes me quite happy to know that some things do take a licking and keep on ticking. Which is exactly what my Timex watch did after its stint in the wash and dry. Would be curious to find out other people’s experience laundering fine electronics.