Valediction for Hype



Went to Hype for probably the last time in 2008. Am probably going to shut down for the season. Am planning on regular visits to the golf hut out at Wakonda. The course was relatively empty, and had a very pleasurable round on a windy but sunny day with my dad, DH, and Mr. RJ. Hype was truly a gem today, and I finally understood the thinking behind her design. Firstly, she was never meant to be played with a titanium driver. From the middle-aged-guy-who-is-sensitive-about-shrinking-length tees (Green), I was zapping the ball today to pitching and sand wedge length. The course would be a wicked test with hickory shafts. The members here understand that and actually have a classic equipment tournament where you have to play with niblicks and mashies. The greens which I originally thought were a bit one dimensional (all featuring that built on a slope, look at the horizon! fakeout illusion featured on Wakonda #4) displayed their teeth. The greens matched up very well today. The fall colors framed a very pleasant day.


Mr. RJ teeing off on Hype #11

Mr. RJ teeing off on Hype #11

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