Adonit Keyboard for iPad 2 -a review


I just got the Adonit keyboard for the iPad 2, and I can’t overstate how great it is. I kept the iPad 2 with its original magnetic cover, but found that it offered no protection against drops and when vertically inclined, was not stable enough to work well with the Apple bluetooth keyboard -it would tip over when I poked at the screen.

The case adds bulk to the iPad 2, but adds up being not much bulkier that the original iPad within the stock Apple case. Plus, there is the “quick release” feature that easily frees the iPad for regular tablet use. The bluetooth is completely unobtrusive after pairing -something that I found annoyingly dodgy with other bluetooth keyboards including the Palm bluetooth keyboard, a cheaply made bluetooth thumb keyboard, and even Apple’s own bluetooth keyboard.

The keys are small -this gives it portability, but many with big fingers won’t like this keyboard. If you could touch type on the Psion series 5, then you can use this keyboard. The only hassle is the right sided shift key which is small and right next to the up arrow key resulting in annoying cursor shifts during text entry -but I’m getting used to us. The keys carry and click nicely giving feedback, which a lot of silicone covered keys found on at Brookstone and in airport gadget shops don’t do well.

The keyboard uses 3 AAA batteries. I do have to complain about the on/off switch. There is no way to tell aside from memorizing, what position is on or off.

What does this setup accomplish? My Macbook Air does not need to come with me on long trips as I am able to accomplish 95% of all my tasks on the iPad 2. This was not as handy when I carried a separate Apple bluetooth keyboard.

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