World Golf Tour goes full beta

World golf tour which was stuck in a permanent mini-trial state has finally gone full beta with two courses and social network structure. The images are in high def and all you need is a high speed connection and windows explorer browser. The detail is very good, I think better than Tiger Woods. You can hear the productivity being sucked into this game faster than you can say Dow 5000. You only get a choice of three avatars, but luckily, I found one that looked just like me. That’s why I’m voting for the Korean guy, just like that other Korean guy Colin Powell.

Ether Day – 1913 Open – Election Day 2008

We just past Ether Day, the anniversary of the first operation under general anesthesia performed at Massachusetts General Hospital on October 16, 1846. Imagine operating without anesthesia, being held down by burley attendants, swigging a shot of whiskey for numbness, and biting a bullet for perseverance. For golf, its game changing Ether Day had to have been Ouimet’s victory at the Open. The coming election day is such a day. Despite the efforts of people trying to declare parts of America un-American, do the American thing and vote. I just did yesterday.

Certain things bind us together and other things will drive us apart. Remember, even in competition, Ouimet and Vardon were gentleman. We can’t let the coarse turbulent rhetoric become the epitaph of American unity. After the election, the effort has to be made to bring everyone back into the fold. Compassion and sportsmanship has to return to politics or we will see a disUnited States.