Spaceship! Coming Alien Apocalypse

Link  -link to video. On this Gizmodo post, there is video of a spaceship like object becoming visible as a solar flare burns past the planet Mercury. The web is in a flurry of speculation over this. Is it a cloaked Klingon ship revealed by the flare?

This is how most alien apocalypse movies start. It’s 2012 eve and you have to choose your favorite end of the world -apocalypse by:

1. Sentient Robots
2. Sexy Fembots
3. Apes
4. Zombies
5. Flu
6. Jesus v. anti-Jesus
7. Asteroid
8. Aliens
9. Vampires
10. People who obsess and fantasize about vampires.

I’m hoping Cylons -a ship full of 6’s and 8’s.

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