Inside of MacBook Air Looks as Good as the Outside

I ran out of hard drive space on my 2010 MacBook Air, and so I decided to upgrade the SSD. The OtherWorld Computing SSD kit and instructions are very straightforward. Opening th MBA reveals shockingly clean lines that are frankly beautiful and fits with the Jobsian aesthetic of being beautiful in the totality of the device. I felt like I was looking at an alien artifact. The fan which you didn’t realize was there has silent gears and fits in organically. It was like operating, changing out the SSD.


Spaceship! Coming Alien Apocalypse

Link  -link to video. On this Gizmodo post, there is video of a spaceship like object becoming visible as a solar flare burns past the planet Mercury. The web is in a flurry of speculation over this. Is it a cloaked Klingon ship revealed by the flare?

This is how most alien apocalypse movies start. It’s 2012 eve and you have to choose your favorite end of the world -apocalypse by:

1. Sentient Robots
2. Sexy Fembots
3. Apes
4. Zombies
5. Flu
6. Jesus v. anti-Jesus
7. Asteroid
8. Aliens
9. Vampires
10. People who obsess and fantasize about vampires.

I’m hoping Cylons -a ship full of 6’s and 8’s.