Hype gives up a perfect day


DH walks the walk

DH walks the walk

Today was one of those perfect days that are given to us to ponder why we should get so few. The weather was crisp and the light was clear. My mind was empty of all things except for golf, and I was playing purely with my brainstem and spinal cord, with minimal interference from the existential monkey that is driving the car. I played with my dad and DH. We all played in the same range -in the mid nineties -which for me was fine as putting seemed to work today -lags to inches were frequent. Couldn’t drive onto the fairway for anything. My dad has taken possession of my R7 driver -will be taking it to Florida. DH played well in fits and spurts, but couldn’t have been satisfied to be in the mid-nines, being usually ten strokes better. My father had one of his best driving days. Most of all -Hype was playing fast -we finished out in 4 hours which is practically speed golf at Hype. Couldn’t figure it out -it seemed packed. The course was in fine condition, and I can’t figure out why they want to redo it. 

And Hype has grown on me. Its parts all fit. The holes tell a flowing story. Sure, some of the parts on the lady are a bit bland, but she brings attention to standout features like number 8, and the green so green that your eyes were left unable to focus for a while. 

A great day.

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