If you are a citizen and you are of voting age, then it is your duty to vote. You have no basis for complaint if you do not vote. Many people around the world risk their lives to vote. Many people risked and given up their lives and are giving up their lives as we speak so that you can vote even from the comfort of your home.

There is no longer any excuse not to vote with early and absentee voting. God bless America.

Snow Day! also flashback to Snowblowing Song

Snowday The rare winter storm hits tropical Iowa, and caught unprepared, the state shuts down. I am granted a rare treat -the Snow Day. 24 hours in the middle of the work week all to myself! Of course, I have to dust off the Snowblowing Song which asks the question, “I love to blow the snow, but when will the snow blow me?”

The Error of My Ways












The View Ti Golf’s strength is as much in its scorekeeping functionality as in the yardage by GPS. The round I played today at The Legacy in Norwalk, IA, was an evolutionary step. First -the front nine was a better round on several measures – there was only two three putts, and I putted 17 times -under the 18 putt goal. The back nine was another story. The last three holes were played in 8 over par. This is in distinction to the first six holes played in 5 over par. Overall, I was striking the ball purely and was in fact made seven of 18 GIR’s which is pretty good. I had three or four up and downs -these aren’t tracked explicitly in View Ti, but hinted at by the one putts. The things I have to work on can be summarized by the stats screen to the right: img_00171

I drove pretty well -in fact, I missed four fairways into the first cut of rough, and had one out of bounds. I played the par fours at bogey but suffered on the par 3 and par 5’s. 

But again, to accentuate the positive -I took an average of 2.1 putts/green which is better than 2.7 putts per green which was my season average based on the cards that I kept. I kept a positive attitude through the round and for the first time in a long time, could see the line. The line was not the problem today -it was the strength with which I hit the putts -I missed two birdies by overrrunning the hole. 

It was a great round played in bad weather -for most of the round, we had steady light rain and cool winds which kept the balls on the green  -I stopped a hybrid 4 at 176 yards dead on the green thats how soft it was. My playing partner, DH, who also toughed it out, agreed that it was a fine day for golf.

I mean, would you miss church because it was raining a little?