GOP Debate: Romney Aide Struggles To Answer Immigration Question While Attacking Gingrich

The season is ripest it has ever been for a centrist candidate when the parties start balkanizin­g into far right, center right, center left, and far left. It reflects the balkanizat­ion of our popular culture with the onset of the internet. We are used to microsched­uling our entertainm­ent first with TIVO/DVR’s then now with streaming video and youtube. Are you big box or Amazon? Are you eBay or Woot? In this setting, there less of a chance of a great unifier in chief, but a certainty of a great blandifier in chief. No Steve Jobs like leader is possible, but any number of lumpenprol­etariat-de­rived mouth breathers in sack-like dark suits could fill the job descriptio­n when the market is triangulat­ed properly.
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