Playing Through

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Hilton Head has some amazing golf courses, but even more striking are the number and size of the alligators. I grew up in Florida, and it was a rare sight to see a gator on the course that wasn’t wearing blue and orange, but in HH, the alligator density is remarkable. Every course I went to had a resident monster or two. This one decided to interrupt our round, and we let it play through.

A Par 5

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If life is metaphor for golf, then surgery is the closest metaphor. Some operations are short par threes on flat farmland municipals, others are 600 yard par fives alongside seaside cliffs. Some operations are best done with good company -OR times are halved and the hours spent on your feet feel like a nice walk on the course. Two or three heads and four or six hands are much better than being alone. It’s a good thing that I’m a scratch surgeon, but I still dream about scratch golf.

Arizona Immigration Law FALLOUT: New Law Sparks Fiery Debate

I was asked to go on a golf outing to Scottsdale. I will not go. I have black hair and brown skin, and driving a rental car, it would make me highly suspicious appearing under this statute. I would not be able to contain my anger and it would likely result in a resisting-arrest arrest or worse. Arizona is off my travel plans for a long time.

I am a real American. I love this country. I would die for this country and its principles. Arizona should be ashamed of this law and any positive feelings I had for Senator John McCain stemming from his 2000 run are over. I am switching parties for good. Better to be a moderate Democrat than an unwelcome token presence in a party that panders to the worst humanity’s worst instinct -the desire to subjugate, subordinate, and ultimately annihilate the other.
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