Hunting, gathering, and acquiring to our demise


happy hunter-gatherers

happy hunter-gatherers

As I had revealed in an earlier post (link), we were evolved as hunter-gatherers, and we knowingly or unknowingly recapitulate this. There are so many different ways we could have set up our grocery process, but in fact, the pattern we fall into is that of wandering around, seeking the objects of our desire and palate. Rather than the plains of the Great Rift Valley, we do this in the brightly lit aisles of Dahl’s and HyVee.

Add to this basic greed and vanity, and you have what we have. Those crazy easter eggs are soon transformed into the flat screen TV, the practical but sporty SUV, and the giant home that would could house twenty. But while population growth is exponential, the resources are finite. Unless we can find ways to conserve while searching for optimal ways to go green (fusion, solar, wind, etc), and limit population growth (as we no longer have natural predators), we will see an end to all of this bounty around us, and our descendants will be hunting and gathering once more -while evading their robot overlords.


1 is the carrying capacity of earth

1 is the carrying capacity of earth, lower graph, an exponential growth curve

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