Arizona Immigration Law FALLOUT: New Law Sparks Fiery Debate

I was asked to go on a golf outing to Scottsdale. I will not go. I have black hair and brown skin, and driving a rental car, it would make me highly suspicious appearing under this statute. I would not be able to contain my anger and it would likely result in a resisting-arrest arrest or worse. Arizona is off my travel plans for a long time.

I am a real American. I love this country. I would die for this country and its principles. Arizona should be ashamed of this law and any positive feelings I had for Senator John McCain stemming from his 2000 run are over. I am switching parties for good. Better to be a moderate Democrat than an unwelcome token presence in a party that panders to the worst humanity’s worst instinct -the desire to subjugate, subordinate, and ultimately annihilate the other.
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