A Contest for View Ti Golf download -iPhone Golf GPS App

IMG_0239I was having problems with my View Ti Golf, but the usual fix of removing, resetting, and reloading appears to have fixed it. On my home course, I have made it a practice to keep a notebook of findings, conditions, plays that work, and yardages, so I only rarely use View Ti Golf. It’s when I go to a course that isn’t as well marked and new to me that View Ti Golf shines. My review is linked here.

View Ti Golf, which has never given me any funding or support, recently responded to a support query about the same crashing question. I have no reason to believe that it was the program, but the way that the iPhone apps can interact. I have found them to be a gracious, class act. They have given me a free download of View Ti Golf. Which I will give away to a reader who comments below. The contest will close out on 12am of Father’s Day, US Central Daylight time. I will then program my HP15C calculator to generate a random number between 1 and the number of commenters, and I will run this program five times, picking the fifth result. I will post on Father’s day.

You have to have a valid email. That’s it. It’s a 25-50 dollar value depending on what they’re doing at the App Store.

Good luck.

8 thoughts on “A Contest for View Ti Golf download -iPhone Golf GPS App

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  2. I just got my iphone last night. I gave one to my wife for Christmas and she loves it. As a golfer, I was surprised to see a $25 pgm for what many of my fellow golfers have paid upwards of $300 for a gps pgm. The pro at my club has one and works it all the time. To get this for $25 seems unbelieveable. But the comments and what I see so far appears that I will definitely get this. But I am waiting for the new iPhone because it might be a bit faster and I can get it if I turn in what I just got. Off to the store in a minute to download. Thanks for the comments. STB

  3. your review link isn’t working. I was browsing golf apps for my Dad to see which one I should set up for him and this one seems intriguing but I am a bit leery since its a $20 app.

    • While I have nothing against view ti, I’ve become a big fan of golfshot gps. If your father does not need all the bells and whistles the stripped down rangefinder only version of view ti if it is still available is the way to go.

      • Actually, looking at the app store I see your point. They have fragmented their offering to the point it I unusable. I recommend golfshot gps. It’s the only program I use now.

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