The Sebaceous, and more golf transparency

IMG_2202These are comedomes plucked out through the power of a magical adhesive developed by the Japanese firm Bioré, a division of the Kao Corporation. It is truly fascinating to see. My wife encouraged me to try a Bioré when they came out a decade ago, and will intermittently push it on me for some completely mysterious reason. Surprisingly, despite her enthusiasm for it, she is completely grossed out by the process (picture above) and is frankly mortified that I am sharing it.

Which leads me to conclude that the mysteries of our fairer counterparts includes this: a fascination/horror with natural processes involving their own bodies. For me, I’m just a few micrograms lighter.

handicap cardMy handicap dropped 0.3 points since the last update. My concentrating on the short game while steadying my swing axis is paying off. The most recent round of 89 was at Wakonda, and includes two triple bogeys and a double, and I missed three birdies by a hair, so my vanity round would have been to take off 8-11 strokes depending on how vain I felt. Good thing that I am not vain or self absorbed.

One thought on “The Sebaceous, and more golf transparency

  1. Love your website. The golf commentary is excellent. I too share your love for Wakonda and the mysteries of golf, the game that can never be mastered.

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