The Trustworthy

The Iowa Orchards on Meredith Parkway in Urbandale, Iowa, is a working apple orchard. It processes apples into all sorts of appley good products including a world class apple pie. The shop is open 7 days a week from 9 to 6, but there is no one there. You pick your items and you put the cash in the honor box. The lesson in values is enormous. I could take everything including the box and walk out. There are no cameras. I am completely alone.

This us the same situation you are in playing golf alone. You could give yourself Mulligans, kick the ball out of the rough, and give yourself putts, but that would be no different than stealing apple pies from the good people of Iowa Orchards. I take two frozen double crusts and put a twenty in the box. Par.

The Afterglow

Being back to reality can be drag, but the memories leave a satisfied feeling. The good holes and shots stand out -the long chip in, the perfectly threaded 4 wood, the par on #1 at Redstone, the par 5 at Blackhorse I reached in 2, the handful of made long putts. But it was the fellowship of my fellow golfers that leaves me pleased. Golfists all, they played with honesty and put one hundred percent into each shot. Every one revealed their true characters on the course, and that is what golf does. I feel very ready for the 2009 season. I have to thank finally the four wives and nine children who made this trip possible.