Call of Duty: World at War for Nintendo DS

I generally don’t play first person shooter games because they take up too much time and are generally too violent. Call of Duty has always appealed to me because it adds a dimension of history -I am a big history buff, and World War II is the predominant theme of the twentieth century. All things lead to and from it. The game works well on the Nintendo DS which is a surprise for me because it’s such a small device. It does create cramps because you aim with the stylus and move with the D-pad and shoot with the left or right finger buttons. I don’t know how you would play it if you were a lefty. The game sounds best through good headphones. The men and graphics look blocky -this is the fault of the port. I think that the true resolution is seen when you look through the sniper scope -with the men at double size, they lose the blockiness. It feels a bit like Doom circa 1991 when you run around in the blocky graphics. It has WiFi -internet play, although I haven’t tried it. I don’t know if I can keep up with guys shooting from the latest i7 rigs over fiberoptic, but it is cool that I can do this through a portable machine. Here is a little video.

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