Golf hut, then lunch



Mighty Oak of Wakonda

Mighty Oak of Wakonda

Was at the golf hut today. Figured out that the better I swing, the more I’m likely to hit a slight draw. To get a reliable fade, I intentionally insert conscious thought into my swing, add a bit of stiffness, and there you go, you fade it. Afterwords, we went and got lunch. Walking up to the clubhouse, I noticed the trees and their dendritic branch points resembling neurons, and how the trees seem to approach but not ever really connect with another tree, likely its close relative, maybe from the same season of acorns. Do they have conversations that we’re too short lived and too attention span-deprived to hear? Are they really pissed about so many of their brethren taken to the axe? I’ll tell you after next season.

Hunting, gathering, and acquiring to our demise


happy hunter-gatherers

happy hunter-gatherers

As I had revealed in an earlier post (link), we were evolved as hunter-gatherers, and we knowingly or unknowingly recapitulate this. There are so many different ways we could have set up our grocery process, but in fact, the pattern we fall into is that of wandering around, seeking the objects of our desire and palate. Rather than the plains of the Great Rift Valley, we do this in the brightly lit aisles of Dahl’s and HyVee.

Add to this basic greed and vanity, and you have what we have. Those crazy easter eggs are soon transformed into the flat screen TV, the practical but sporty SUV, and the giant home that would could house twenty. But while population growth is exponential, the resources are finite. Unless we can find ways to conserve while searching for optimal ways to go green (fusion, solar, wind, etc), and limit population growth (as we no longer have natural predators), we will see an end to all of this bounty around us, and our descendants will be hunting and gathering once more -while evading their robot overlords.


1 is the carrying capacity of earth

1 is the carrying capacity of earth, lower graph, an exponential growth curve

If Sen. McCain had only chosen Gov. Romney or Sen. Palpatine…er…Lieberman.




Hilary, the Borg Queen

In general, you should chose presidents with as much care as you choose your golf partner. Or wife. You have to watch the video to its conclusion to see the guy processing turkeys as Gov. Palin rabbits on about the campaign, reducing the size of government,  etc. The blogosphere has erupted over the turkey slaughter going on in the background. For myself, I find turkeys delicious, and I have never not-enjoyed admiring the symmetry of Governor Palin’s face -if she’d only not speak. I think the anti-carnivores have no point to make. It is with great relief that I watched this.

As an aside, watching Hilary claw her way back into the White House this week reminds me nothing more than seeing the Borg Queen take over the Enterprise. She shall assimilate you. Resistance is futile. 

Back to Sarah, it’s her stream of consciousness verbal diarrhea. She’d be one of those two or three-date girls that you recall with a shudder of relief. The relationship-that-never-was always concludes with a spate of phone calls from the girl. The decreasing levels of happy-girliness on those messages should fill you with some regret. On your end, you keep up a gentle but firm telephone silence. I suppose in this day and age, you would un-friend her from Facebook and delete her from your phone and email lists. Skipping town for a few weeks is always a good idea. You put up a completely passive, militantly vague stance of non-commitment until she decides you are not a good person to pursue.

Never, ever say, “Let’s just be friends.” Which is what we told Sarah a couple of weeks ago. She’s going to be back at your doorstep with an apple pie. She’s going to leave 26 phone messages, each with a letter of the alphabet on why you should call her, “A -because I adore you, B- because, just because, C -‘cuz I care…” She’s going to call your parents for advice on what you’d like for your birthday and charm the pants off them. She’s going to show up at your place of work looking wonderful and acting completely, utterly, SANE to all your coworkers. She’ll hand out boxes of chocolates.

It means we will never see a chance at anything close to a center-right stance in this country without marrying Sarah. The Borg have transported into the ship. Let us hope that Messrs. Obama and Emmanuel can keep them at bay.


couldn’t help but add this video, thanking Sarah Palin.