Movies not to watch with your kids -DVD’s for a long golf-poor winter

cookthiefThis movie has it all -ultraviolence, haute-cuisine, a hot Helen Mirren, and cannibalism. It most closely matches (especially visually) the tenor and mood of my nightmares (see earlier posts about the golfing revelations). It is an allegory about how we treat the earth and ourselves. The final scene is so unpleasant that you will never look at glazed ham the same way again. Makes you think about the cannibalism in your life.

mongolMongol which was released last year is available on iTunes, and is a beautiful movie about one of my personal heroes, Genghis Khan. Filmed and produced in Kazakhstan, one of the countries peopled by Genghis Khan’s descendants (along with most of Central Asia), it has eye popping battle scenes filmed with thousands of real extras with no use of CGI. It also is a domestic movie about Genghis’ home life -you have to watch the movie to believe what his poor wife has to go through to keep the family together -it is a pretty decent date movie compared to the Lord of the Ring movies. 






Twelve Monkeys is a genius movie of frightening possibilities. The natural end of the green point of view is that people are the problem, and environmentalism is at its heart anti-people-ism. 

There, three movies to ponder this winter of golf discontent.

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