Post from the West Coast on LPGA’s English Only Policy


Life is so good in America!

Life is so good in America!



I am at present quite disappointed with the LPGA. While a part of me
senses the awkwardness surrounding the communication efforts of that
large group of Korean golfers on the LPGA, sports has often been at the
forefront of meritocracy–breaking racial and gender barriers to
recognize superlative achievement and entertainment potential. This is
obviously a step in the wrong direction, with an attempt to make the
LPGA a more attractive product to sponsors by trying to have the tour
players look the way that management thinks would be most appealing. The
irony of course is that the fastest growing segments of players, viewers
and sponsors are all Asian, and the LPGA needs this infusion more than
the other way around. The Korean players will likely ace their English
tests (Koreans and test taking?), and the LPGA will be fresh out of
excuses, but the ugliness will be out there. I’m proud of the
graciousness with which many of the players of Korean descent have
handled inquiries concerning their views on this matter, but I’m
sickened by the whole thing.

Hope all’s well with you and yours. We should get a crew together and
head to Scotland or some other golfing destination.


One thought on “Post from the West Coast on LPGA’s English Only Policy

  1. I reviewed The Rules of Golf for 2008-2009. There is no English language requirement. This is a problem with the LPGA leadership: failure of vision despite having sight. Above all, they are adding a rule that is not sanctioned by the USGA, putting their whole tour into question -is it golf or is it a show?

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