On Par by Bill Pennington – I don’t think he read the header…

I am an avid NY Times reader, and look forward to the dispatches from Bill Pennington. I emailed him this blog several weeks ago, but I don’t think he gets it.

from B. Penninton

Thanks for your email from last month. Sorry for the delay in answering. I agree, golf is certainly a metaphor for life. Except that some people keep score, I guess. Anyway, thanks again for your message and I hope you keep reading my On Par golf features and watching the videos at nytimes.com when they resume next spring.

Bill Pennington



Three targets, three scatter-grams

Three targets, three scatter-grams

The picture on left shows three pin targets for pitches, easily the most important part of the game to transition to hitting in the eighties. I tend to use my 60 degree wedge for these and feel a bit lost without it, even though this means I have to give up something long like a 3 wood (because I also carry a gap -52 degree- wedge). The pitching is serviceable, but not brilliant. Must keep head down.