World Golf Tour -time sink

For people who are house bound during the winter or stuck in an office, you can try putting on the carpet or read about golf, or watch it on television. I prefer to play golf on the computer. My video game of choice is Tiger Woods (review later), but when I am traveling and have internet access, I enjoy World Golf Tour. It has been in permanent beta for over a year, but the quality of its demo, its playability and portability makeit a quick golf fix on the run bar none. Instead of creating a virtual 3D world, they simplify the golf experience by scanning the course into a series of files and flying the golf ball via Flash animation. The game in demo is all about timing and correcting for wind and roll. There was rumbling that it was going to go to a full golf simulation with a “green fee” model, and I would gladly pay, as it really is better than Tiger Woods golf in many ways. Check it out, link below:

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