Hype from tips

Opened with 2 over par over 5 holes, then ended up with some doubles. Law of averages left me with a 43 for the nine. Met and played with a Hyperion member, Mr. L.T., who was a fine golfer. I mostly found it a luxury to be able to find the balls, and to have a reasonable chance at rolling it on. The great thing was my irons were on, and after going back to my R7 after struggling with Sasquatch, it was able to shape my drives better -not perfect but better. Overall, am happy leaving the 3 wood out and putting my 60 degree wedge back in the bag. Finding that the hybrid three is a reliable 180-200 yard weapon, and may try to find a suitable small headed 4 wood. From the tips, Hyperion is a course of a different color. And the greens do drain toward the train tracks.