There is a bright place

I took my father to our club which is undergoing renovations. Its practice facilities are still open as are its ponds. My father was taking care of my mother who had a lung transplant this past January when he had to undergo emergency heart surgery. They have both been convalescing through the summer with us. He has had a slow recovery as had my mother. Growing up, Dad and I played golf and fished together, and it has been a long time we did something like this. We chipped and pitched, then we went and hit balls on the range. We then took our cart down to the ponds around 16 and 17. He caught two -a large and medium sized bluegill. He wanted to go, but I hadn’t caught any yet, so we stayed until I pulled out a crappie and a bluegill. We threw them back, and we drove to a Vietnamese noodle place for lunch. We drove back home. There was a lot I wanted to say, but the time passed so pleasantly. It was like 30 years was a dream.

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