Afghanistan’s Only Golf Course

From Evernote:

Afghanistan’s Only Golf Course

I came across this wonderful archive article in the New York Times about the only golf course in Afghanistan. I hope it is still open. It’s proprietor is clearly a golfist, and yearns for the day that will allow young Afghans to play golf in peace.

World’s Longest Par 3

This is a link to John Richardson’s breakparblueprint site. On the page is a fun video of John attempting to birdie a longest and possibly scariest par 3 on the planet. You need to helicopter to the tee box and the drop is beyond scary. It reminds me of this par 4 in Maui that featured a 400 foot elevation drop to a green 400 yards out. I drove the green but three putted.

Extreme Golf

I took tax day off and played a round during an ice storm. Good for building character, playing in inclement weather is useful in testing your game against many more variables than just the usual yardage, light wind, lie, elevation, incline, etc. Add to it slickness of grip, 35mph prevailing winds, stinging rain and sleet, and hypothermia and you have a sport -Extreme Golf.