Best Buy To Close 15 Stores In Canada

The writing is on the wall with these stores that don’t even know where the clearance items they feature on line are when you show up at the store with evidence that they have these items in stock on the web from their inventory system. CompUSA’s failure proved that this kind of retail store is doomed even with good, knowledgeable staff. With the uninterested fast food staff they have, they are done. The fact is, though, they have to find a way to succeed because these stores in many communities represents the only path to the middle class through technology. Their small focused kiosks and micro stores like Best Buy Mobile probably do a better margin than the giant warehouses where people are ironically given too many choices with little substantial guidance. My favorite Best Buy apparition are the gadget dispenser in airports where you can purchase some fun without the hassle of parking, wandering around a converted aircraft hangar, asking questions of semiliterates blue polo shirts. I would reorganize the stores into half the size with focus (Best Buy Nest, Best Buy Dorm, Best Buy Man Cave, Best Buy Obsessive Compulsive Cleaner), curate the stock to best of breed, and educate the staff -create technology academies where they can work to associates and bachelor degrees in electrician technology, computer repair, software engineering, electrical engineering, and business management, open to the public for a fee. They have to start thinking out of the big box or they will be extincted.
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Why invoke God in the senseless mass murder in Connecticut? Why invoke the Creator in past wars, genocides, and future massacres. According to some commentators, after all, He was making a cosmic point about prayer in school with syncopated head taps, kind of like a pathologically vindictive mall cop who decides not to intervene in a crime in the parking lot  because he was just fired from his job.

An anthropomorphic deity had no role in Newtown. A human did this. It is our nature, as much as a birds fly and fish swim. Humans kill other humans like tigers have spots. I think it is because of our higher faculties that we do this. It is well known that certain groups of chimpanzee engage in territorial winner take all warfare where the losers are driven away or eaten, but not all groups behave this way. This seems to be a learned behavior, passed on through the generations. Rather than instinct, we have culture, and this is our programming. And the solution is clear -unless we choose to reprogram ourselves, to enlighten ourselves, we are trapped in a cycle of wanting, dominating, taking, killing, and revenge. 

That is what I pray for. 

Bow Ties

  • No longer just for overweight, angry men. 
  • Should be hand tied
  • Should be worn without irony.
  • Should be worn from the get-go, meaning from the time you start wearing ties. A late start brings on questions about mid-life crises, neo-retro hip-to-be-squareness, and excessive fanciness.
  • No longer just for skinny, old, popcorn selling men. 
  • More hygienic than neckties, especially when inspecting gangrenous feet. 
  • There can only be one. Too many bow tie wearers in a group makes people uneasy. 
  • Avoid wearing with floppy hat, green wax cotton coats, and wellies because then you look like Paddington bear. 
  • Worn properly, you’ll get taken very, very seriously. Very few people can pull it off properly.

Installing Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) to Virtual Box

I have a great love of Virtual Box, the free virtualization software that allows you to run other operating systems on top of a host operating system -in my case OS X Mountain Lion on a souped up Mac Mini from 2010 -RAM has been maxed to 8GB and the hard drive replaced from a pokey 160GB spinning at 5000 rpm to 750GB spinning at 7200 rpm. The only problem is since Snow Leopard was phased out to Lion, Rosetta -a feature of Snow Leopard, was dropped.

Rosetta was a critical piece of Apple’s migration from PowerPC chips to Intel chips, allowing for PowerPC programs to run on Intel based Macs. When Lion was introduced, Rosetta was killed off, and my favorite game from 1994, Spaceward Ho, was killed off with it. Spaceward Ho has been laying dormant awaiting a iOS upgrade but for some reason, Joe at Delta Tao has been sitting on it.

After putting it off for a while, I decided to give running Snow Leopard 10.6.0 out of the box without updates (to prevent killing Rosetta) a try. Here is a snapshot of it loading successfully -it required a little bit of tweaking and appears to be loading well!

A Haiku Deck For You

Here’s a Haiku Deck for you: ‘Golf Ethics’

Haiku Deck is the simple new way to create stunning presentations for enlivening a meeting, inspiring a group, teaching a lesson, telling a story or igniting a movement. It’s fast, fun, and you don’t need to be a designer to make something beautiful.

Download the free app to start creating your own Haiku Deck today. Set your story free.

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