Why invoke God in the senseless mass murder in Connecticut? Why invoke the Creator in past wars, genocides, and future massacres. According to some commentators, after all, He was making a cosmic point about prayer in school with syncopated head taps, kind of like a pathologically vindictive mall cop who decides not to intervene in a crime in the parking lot  because he was just fired from his job.

An anthropomorphic deity had no role in Newtown. A human did this. It is our nature, as much as a birds fly and fish swim. Humans kill other humans like tigers have spots. I think it is because of our higher faculties that we do this. It is well known that certain groups of chimpanzee engage in territorial winner take all warfare where the losers are driven away or eaten, but not all groups behave this way. This seems to be a learned behavior, passed on through the generations. Rather than instinct, we have culture, and this is our programming. And the solution is clear -unless we choose to reprogram ourselves, to enlighten ourselves, we are trapped in a cycle of wanting, dominating, taking, killing, and revenge. 

That is what I pray for. 

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