Movies Meet True Crime

Above is link to an article about a 17 year police veteran whose kidnapping victim he is investigating is found in his garage. It inspired this movie script.

Movie Script: Heartburn. Act I: Veteran detective (Kurt Russell) assigned a kidnapping finds resonance with this latest case with an un solved kidnapping from his rookie year. His newbie partner (Miley Cyrus) provides Rom-Com relief but goes into survivor mode when her partner is arrested after the kidnapping victim (Charlize Theron) is found in his garage, bound and gagged with his DNA all over her. Act II: Detective Newbie (Cyrus) breaks out her partner from jail and both go rogue, entering the seamy underworld of the kidnapping victim who stages fake underground snuff shows where the audience pays a lot of money to witness the psychosexual torture-murder of an audience member -is it really fake?! Act III: Exoneration becomes a choice given to our rogue detectives by a mysterious figure (Cornel West) who offers redemption versus knowledge -knowledge of the circumstances of what happened to our detective’s un solved cold case who is now revealed to be his daughter (Blake Liveley in flashbacks) in dive bar confession scene between our rogue detectives who then make out and make love. Dramatic climax in a Brooklyn warehouse in DUMBO during one of the underground snuff shows where the newbie detective (now kidnapped) is the audience “volunteer.” Final sword epic fighting scene between the main character, the original kidnapping victim (who is the Venetian-masked torturer in this underground snuff show), and the mysterious figure (Cornel West).

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