Jon Huntsman Denounces Nasty, Jingoistic Video Allegedly Made By Ron Paul Supporters (VIDEO)

If Huntsman were running in the Democratic primaries, he’d give the President a run for the money. If Huntsman and Bloomberg ran a third party campaign, they could win it because moderates of both parties make a plurality. Coalition government­s exist throughout the world in multiparty environmen­ts. The internet and its effect on traditiona­l media prove that there are no mass market demographi­cs to market to. What works in Portlandia does not under Friday Night Lights. The two parties are like the three national television networks. Everyone is feeling disenfranc­hised, and the extremely committed end up with a greater voice and disproport­ionate impact because they show up to vote.

This type of video in another setting, let’s say an Engadget article about iPhone users being pompous, overly self-aware baristas, would be just troll bait. Yes there are people who think like this, but they can and are free to do so. The point of this video is to create a reaction, and it seems a bit too cute to be authentic. People who think like this usually aren’t so organized. I don’t believe its authentici­ty.
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