The Top 25 Worst Passwords Of 2011: See What To Avoid

One of the methods of creating strong passwords involves creating 26×10 grids of random alphanumer­ics on an excel spreadshee­t and saving it -this is your grid. You then choose a starting point a2 for example, and then your password is the 7 to 10 characters that you follow on the grid in a memorized, stereotypi­cal pattern. you can print the grid out and carry it -without the knowledge of the starting point and your typical pattern, it’s very hard to crack, yet easy for you to recall if you forget the password. it creates a short hand for your passwords -for example, instead of rememberin­g le2kLkd00O­x&, you just have to remember the starting point Z6 for example and even write Z6 down if you must.
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Paper Camera brings some fun to Android



The picture above is processed from an iPhone picture of the 9th hole at Wakonda Club seen from the driving range. It was processed using an Android app called Paper Camera (available on Android Market). It brings a bit of iPhon-ish fun to Android. It has a packet of desktop quality photo filters that it can run live on your view screen (there is a delay between shutter and access, so kids will not look as they were framed).

The filters are not all black and white, but of the initial shots I’ve taken, the black and white ones have come out the best. For a $1.99 , it turns my Android tablet into a very fun camera, something usually reserved for iPhone.

The camera is an unsung feature of smart phones that iOS has basically covered in terms of quality, convenience, and access with its wonderful pictures and Photostream. But Google is competing with built-in Picasa exporting from its Gallery app. Unfortunately Gallery is a mess as it offers up not just your pictures but also every jpeg available in the drives including those associated with icons and cached web pages. It’s for geeks, but it’s also getting better and more iOS-ish every day.