The Top 25 Worst Passwords Of 2011: See What To Avoid

One of the methods of creating strong passwords involves creating 26×10 grids of random alphanumer­ics on an excel spreadshee­t and saving it -this is your grid. You then choose a starting point a2 for example, and then your password is the 7 to 10 characters that you follow on the grid in a memorized, stereotypi­cal pattern. you can print the grid out and carry it -without the knowledge of the starting point and your typical pattern, it’s very hard to crack, yet easy for you to recall if you forget the password. it creates a short hand for your passwords -for example, instead of rememberin­g le2kLkd00O­x&, you just have to remember the starting point Z6 for example and even write Z6 down if you must.
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