Republican Governors Anti-Obama Ad Borrows Political Terrorism Theme

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, here is mine. This type of fearmongering takes its beats from Mein Kampf and the concept of the big lie. It’s cynical and appeals to the worst instincts of the electorate. Rome transitioned from Republic to Empire and dictatorship with the agitations of cynical politicians and the degeneration of the Roman public. America is being challenged on multiple fronts and change is being targeted as the number one challenge. This should be a struggle resolved in the voting booth and in the forum of ideas, not suicide bombs and sniper attacks. Maybe in the end, we will balkanize and break off a theocratic red zone where it will be a perpetual tailgate party inside a NASCAR ring, where ostensibly family friendly teen pop stars are encouraged to unironically pole dance and splay their thighs for popular consumption, where home schooling will substitute religion for science, where the jumbo supersized sweet tea will soothe the hypoglycemia of the morbidly obese, where home prices rise forever, and the new, brown slaves stripped of rights can do all the heavy lifting.

I will take my fight to the voting booth this fall. God bless America.
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