Golf Absolution

Watching Tiger play yesterday was a revelation. The perfect circle of the swing creates a shield that blocks out the impositions of the real world and connects the axis to a spiritual plane.

I had called Tiger the equivalent of a trained circus bear, poked and prodded into performing well in what is basically an unnatural act. It is unnatural to place balls at great distances with accuracy -as much as it is for a bear to walk on a giant ball on its hind legs while wearing a top hat. I had questioned the place that his golf came from, but this was a mistake.

How Tiger became so excellent will always have some alchemic mystery lodged in the perpetual nature/nurture debate. Spiritual fulfillment was on display, and through that round, there was even some measure of golf absolution.

Golf played well comes from the heart.

One thought on “Golf Absolution

  1. as an addendum,
    Tiger’s play on Sunday had the scrambling desperation of a drowning man grabbing for a life preserver. There was both fear and desire, and greed. To quote a great warrior-mystic, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering.

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