America’s LARGEST Tuition Increases in PUBLIC Schools (PHOTOS)

The end of prosperity means a return to the economics of the 19th century with college reserved for those who can pay and subsistence agriculture or manufacturing for the rest. This collapse of the middle class will have repercussions beyond just tea parties which will swell with more disaffected former middle class types who now can’t afford the plastic luxuries of Walmart. Perhaps the stresses will bring about needed change in our education system (education reform anyone?). The gap between public schools in poor areas and richer areas is too great. The gap between private prep schools and public schools is too great. Most colleges waste a lot of time teaching students how to read and write. The concept of college level work is lost when said college level textbooks have to be dumbed down to a 7th grade reading level for freshmen to understand. Nope, the muggles are not going to be happy in the coming years and they will mistakenly blame the most handy scapegoats -black president, minorities, Jews, and people who still own homes. Any effort to cushion the blow with wealth redistribution -fuhgeddaboudit. The people forming militias are just following an instinct to gather round the fire to ward off an oncoming night. Get to know your neighbors well, be kind to them, and take care of them, because they are your tribe.
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