The Hookup -UPDATED



As if to drive home the nail between the eyes, the NYT (link) writes about how colleges are over run with women, and the guys can basically stop shaving, stop bathing, stop talking, and get harassed for dates just by occupying space on a campus bar stool. If this isn’t more evidence that Generation X has some terrible purpose, I don’t know what, because we our timing is cosmically off. We miss the sixties and we get to pay for and take care of the baby boomers while everybody behind us gets to play.

Original Post from 12/17/2008

In the New York Times, Op-Ed man Charles M. Blow writes about the current state of dating -declaring there is no dating (link here). Apparently, teens and college students have sex first then consider dating after several rounds, maybe days, of guilt-free and consequence-free sex.

This is all terribly wrong. I missed the sixties and seventies. My coming of age was during the 80’s, a notably sexless decade which produced Urkel, Alf, Joanie and Chachi (which means something funny in Korean). I got married in the 90’s, and then spent my remaining twenties and thirties indoors in sterile environments, constantly washing my hands. All of a sudden I wake up in my forties from 34 years of schooling to see this going on. Instead of yammering away about school and homework while out on dates, the kids are hammering away while out on hookups. Mr. Blow goes on pontificating about how tilted the playing field is towards men, especially in college where they are often outnumbered 2 or 3 to 1. I’m really upset about this article, because CM Blow just has it all wrong.

When I was in college, my happiest times were going down for breakfast at certain women’s colleges and hoping to get set upon by all those hungry girls. Instead, I got corn flakes and maintained a strictly monogamous relationship destined for a messy breakup –because I refused to have any relations until I met my wife to whom I am married. I digress. This bodes ill for civilization. What’s next ? husband time sharing arrangements by educated professional women who find it more convenient to share the few educated, employed, professional men left in the world? Craigslisting of said arrangements? I can imagine the listing -Englewood, NJ: Have a man, MBA, needs walking daily, will share for cost of feed and grooming.

Absolutely not. I will not let J rent me out to her lady friends in some sort of tawdry and trendy new lifestyle arrangement just for her convenience. I have my scruples. If any of J’s lady friends needs to discuss my views on this, they can reach me through Facebook, or just text me.

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