Park Icosahedron!

Amaze your friends by downloading and printing out the Park Icosahedron. Fold along lines and glue the tabs down to form the 20 sided shape of mystery.

You can make two, attach to string and hang if from your rear view mirror! My gift to you. A great way to spend time with your kids…and ME!

2 thoughts on “Park Icosahedron!

  1. I had a good laugh. I got the templates (blank) but may I ask if there’s a way I can add MY own pictures? Did you manually cut and paste yours?

    • Nope. It’s actually a project in Esquire, which I scanned then put into Keynote. Keynote has the ability to apply shaped masks (think frames) to pictures -in this case equilateral triangles. Other programs can do the same thing. I was going to make these and give them out as Valentine’s gifts for my office workers but my wife thinks it would be weird.

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