The Return Customer

The return customer is earned with every interaction. Amazon has earned my business every year with amazing responsiveness and promptness. I have shifted most of my shopping to Amazon purely for the convenience of not having to drive around town looking for things. The Kindle 2, shown above, was purchased with an extended warranty. Normally, wear an tear is not covered, but I felt that it should have weathered a fall from the bed to a carpeted floor. This crack was not only unpleasant to look at, but created instability in the cover and would eventually fall apart in jagged, carotid artery scything shards.

The kind fellow at Amazon has a replacement in the mail! I am now fully Amazoned.

This contrasts with the terribly shabby way I was treated at Dell a few months ago when they lost my on-line order but took my money. It took three days of calling to eventually get them to cough up my netbook.  Their awful customer service and delays in delivery brought them to the attention of the NY Times.

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