Top Ten Recipes from Cormac McCarthy’s The Road

roadThe Road is an important book, a big book, an Oprah book. It is now a Weinstein production, and soon we’ll be inundated with The Road publicity. As much as I like the book, I dread the movie. All reports are that it takes a book so hard to read into a movie that is miserably difficult to watch. Then again, it could be a great big fail and turn out to be just another zombie movie.

Thinking about this, I twittered my top ten recipes from The Road:

  1. Lady Fingers
  2. Hush Babies
  3. Mock Roast Turkey
  4. Nice Piece of Ass
  5. Babyback Ribs
  6. UnMystery Meat
  7. Chewy Tubes Cormac n Cheese
  8. Really Sloppy Joe
  9. Meat and No Potatoes
  10. Roadkill Haggis

The Doodler

I have been blissing with the iPhone app Brushes. I like to draw and doodle but actual painting is a pain because I have to set aside time and get messy.

Painting puts me in a calm state that is similar to the zen golfist moments. Brushes solves a lot of the problems with computer art programs by being limited and unrealistic. Unless you buy expensive software and invest in a tablet, your stuck with the basic paint programs that haven’t evolved since MacPaint.

Brushes is powerful enough that works created on it have graced the cover of The New Yorker. Now I can work on my Self Love series in the convenience of an airplane lounge, the bed, and the commode with no messy paints to clean up.