The iPhone Does Everything – REVIEW of View Ti N and View Ti Golf -UPDATED AFTER USE


Addendum 5-23-2009: contest for a download of View Ti Golf –link here

Preview -authored 12-2008

With the iPhone and App Store, every day is like Christmas. I had held off buying a Sky Caddy this year, because after purchasing the iPhone 3G, the first thing I noticed was when I GPS’d myself on Google Maps while playing at Hyperion, my exact spot on that hole showed up on the satellite view. I mentioned it to DH, and pointed out that if I could send a caliper to my target on the map, it would give me yardage readings. Why get a Sky Caddy?


Well, the wait wasn’t too long -it seems every nook and cranny of a target iPhone owner’s needs are being met almost on a daily basis. I don’t go more than two or three days before perusing the App Store for the next great thing. But it was actually YH who recommended View Ti while we were out in NY. I downloaded the free Lite version to see if it had any Iowa courses on it -well it didn’t and I let it sit for a while. The closest listed course was over 80 miles away.

Couple of days ago, I went to the app’s website, and saw that you can email course requests. I zipped over requests for Wakonda and several other courses I scoot around on, and lo and behold, at 4 in the morning, I get an email telling me that all the courses were on.img_00111

When you pick the course, you are immediately given your GPS distance to the middle of the first green. Picking Wakonda, you get a setup screen for your game -it keeps your score as well! You then go to the yardage screen and you get a satellite view of the hole and your yardage -which from the my home office is around 18,924 yards! That would be about 90 perfectly hit hybrid-3’s as the bird flies.

This is impressive, and the paid version is 12.99 which is a significant discount from it’s previous price of around 20. Compared to a Sky Caddy -fuhgeddaboudit. Amazon lists various flavors at 150-300 bucks. It would be another golf gadget to get lost in my bag.

I am thoroughly impressed and look forward to actually using the program. I just purchased the full version while writing this preview.

Addendum: 2/2/2009:

I have noticed my 12.99 View Ti did not have the Google Maps images, but rather a simple display of yardage only . After some investigating, I have found that the 12.99 is for the basic version, with a View Ti G offering the Google Maps for a 39.99 fee. I will see if there is an upgrade path (with paying just the differential). Frankly, I don’t think that it’s a dealbreaker, because I know my course. The accuracy is claimed to be on par with SkyCaddie. It is still 20 degrees here in Iowa, so I haven’t had a chance to spin it up, but will report as soon as I use it.

Addendum: 2/21/2009

I tried both View Ti N and View Ti Golf. I am visiting my folks in Orlando, Florida, and it was easy to get their home course up (Sanctuary Ridge) from the GPS. img_0908The course is unusual for a Florida course in that it has challenging topography. None of it was created for the sake of undulations, but rather, the sloping hills of former orange groves have been carved into a very nice layout. The subdivision was one of the last built by Levitt and Sons before they went belly up -an early casualty of the current crisis.

img_0020The score keeper function works nicely except for a bug I noticed in going back to a hole to edit the score -the previous score tends to persist until you go back and change it a couple of times.

The personal scoring feature is seen in both the cheaper N version as in the Golf version. The star feature of the Golf version, which brings out the green for the approach shot and allows you to move a red cursor to the pin position worked fine, but I have one complaint. The satellite images that were used for this course came from an old satellite set that shows the greens and fairways when they were under contruction.

Don’t expect real time satellite views -it’s expecting too much. The other annoying thing which I think is a deal breaker for me and makes me wish I didn’t pay the full 49 bucks (only hours before it became available today for 24.99), is that it takes time to download the images and orient them on the screen -takes up a crucial 5-10 seconds which I don’t want to use fiddling. This is where the View Ti N works just fine.

View Ti N has advantage in that the image of the green does not have to be downloaded and you are limited by GPS satellite fixation -takes about 2-5 seconds.

takes about 5 seconds, and are outdated images

takes about 5 seconds, and are outdated images

As for scoring a foursome, it just does not beat the utility and legal formality of a scorecard and a pencil. I think the utility is personal -in being able to track Fairways, Greens in Regulation, and Putts. This is something I do with a scorecard and View Ti N (and Golf) do this well.

Verdict -wish I had this info before pouring 49.99 into View Ti Golf. The N gives you exactly what you need -the distance to the center of the green and the personal golf score function. Scoring for 4 on the iPhone is just a set up for grief and I would avoid it unless it can talk to other iPhones with View Ti Golf.

One more thing – starting with a 75% charge – the phone quickly drained it’s battery. It was redline by the 9th hole granted I was clicking pictures, but the heavy GPS and 3G usage shpwed Having used it only once I can’t say it’s a feature isolated to the Golf version.

An Aussie reader commented that his course was not available -would be very interested in an update.

Addendum 3-8-2009:
View Ti isn’t working in Houston. For the two courses I played yesterday (Houston National and Blackhorse), the yardages were off by 10-20 yards, which coincides with the minimal survivable radius for a mortar round while keeping your blue dot on track in Google maps. I wonder if GPS is detuned in Houston.

Addendum 3-11-2009

Have given the inaccuracy issue in Houston some thought -It was about 10 yards off at Redstone, site of the Shell Houston Open. I think it could because of two things -first -View Ti just upgraded after I got back for “GPS issues.” The other thing I read online is that the location function on iPhone uses a combination of GPS and cell tower triangulation, and when 3G is active, it pushes the accuracy off kilter. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will be on some courses soon -but the gist is that 3G should be turned off for accurate GPS. Who knew?

Addendum 3-17-2009

Having tried it at Montauk Downs on Long Island, I found View Ti N -which I used to avoid lags, to be accurate within to visual estimates and to the fixed yardages on the course. This has been since I updated for the “GPS” issues. I do find that getting a GPS fix takes about 10 seconds, so you should get in the habit of turning it on on the tee.

Addendum 3-22-2009

There has been an update to both View Ti N and Golf -described as a rollback to improve GPS accuracy. I will be trying these out at local courses this week. I wonder if this was at the heart of the readings being about 10 yards off in Houston?img_00011

Addendum 3-24-2009

I requested an odd little 9 hole “farm course” that is common here in Iowa. Small municipalities each have a 9-holer that is tucked away and easily accessible. It is also pretty cheap -with basic 9 hole greens fees running 14 dollars. As a test of strength, I requested the course on iPhone by simply pressing the course request button -it brings up an email addressed to the support people -I specified the course name, Sugar Creek, and locale -Waukee, IA. Didn’t say anything about it being just 9 holes. It took 48 hours -a day longer than a previous attempt, but they successfully loaded it in the correct hole order -I don’t know how they manage this magic as this particular course runs all over the place as the cow meanders. Kudos to the View Ti people. My home course is opening the putting greens this weekend!

Addendum 4-4-2009

In Florida, at Sanctuary Ridge, looking at a par 3, scrnshotthe View Ti Golf is telling me 127 yards (see screenshot to the left), but the tee is two yards in front of a stone marker (inset left) saying it was 133 yards -assuming center of green. The flag was red, and on the front margin, so it was less by a bit, but the discrepancy was annoying. The green as we drove up is shown below.

The question was, do I hit a hard wedge or a soft 9 iron. With the wind at my face, I chose a regularly swing 9 iron with the ball slightly teed up to take a bit of distance off -I was calculating about 124 yards.

I was pin high, but fact is, I think the discrepancy has two sources -the builders may have placed the marker and things may have moved in the 5 years (ie margins of green therefore center of green), or the mappers at View Ti when planting the hold in the visual center of the green are subject to an error of around 1-2 yards. I think the GPS is also subject to a 1-3 yard margin of error.

img_0070This 5 yard variance is a half a club for me. That being said, I was okay with my decision to use the 9 iron. On approach, the distance was not too back, and I rely on my visualization of the flag.

The score keeping function was nice, but I don’t like recording a Fairway reached as a Zero rather than an X. This was confusing at first, as I would have thought a missed fairway was a Zero, and a fairway reached was X. Even specifying yes/no would be better. Also, I reached both par 5’s in two -is that a green in regulation or not? I think not. A GIR with three put should be a bogey, but a green reached in two with three putt is a par.

My score card shown below, was easy to track, and provided very useful statistics. Primarily, if I managed to avoid 3 putting the GIR’s and par fives reached in two, I would have shot a very nice 38! img_00041Addendum 4-5-2009

Wish List:

1. ability to forward your score to the USGA for handicapping -the course’s slope and handicap would be included meaning no fuss for the reporting person. You just have to input your USGA number into the preferences.

2. if you can email the above scorecard as a jpg or pdf, or format as a .csv file.

3. set up a database at View Ti for scores.

4. make buttons for scoring bigger and more visible -there has to be a way to keep shots, fairways, GIR, and putts on the same screen.

5. Turn the O’s into “yes” and X into “no’s” as an option.

6. add option for tracking 150 yards in and up and downs

7. long drive -be able to establish the location of the tee box then press a button to get driving distance -how cool is that?

img_0087Addendum 4-14-2009

The courses around here have opened up, every one except for mine which underwent a major facelift last year. The practice facilities have opened, and so I’ve been practicing my putting stroke -it’s not as easy as it used to be when I was a kid and everything was by feel and really good vision.

Not using View Ti, but using the Masters app, I think there is space for golf instruction apps that combine video, diagrams, and text -I’m not talking swing coach stuff, but rather things like putting drills and alignment drills and course management tips -especially after an analysis of the scorecard above (Would you like some putting tips?). I really like the Golf Tips with Joe Beck, but they stopped updating in 2008. They were short, simple, and effective. The Masters app proved that you can stream high quality video over 3G.

The real test for View Ti will be this weekend -I’m going to play on a course that has radiotelemetry location with a computer on the cart that gives you yardage. It’s very good and calibrated well to the course markings. We’ll see how View Ti matches up!

Addendum 4/17/2009: Faith

I am titling this addendum, Faith, because today, putting View Ti Golf head to head against Legacy’s radiofrequency triangulation units on their golf carts, View Ti did better -this is in comparison to actual course yardage markers, and to results. For example, img_0014the View Ti Golf image on the right shows the distance at 109 yards. The cart computer told me it was 118 yards to the pin. It was an elevated green, and this was a difference between a 9 iron and a PW. I have had growing faith in View Ti even over calculcated distances from actual physical yardage markers -eyeballing the 100 yard mark, I could see that it was about 120 yards correlating with the computer. I chose PW and got the result below:


The ball to the right is mine which I had left for par…which I missed.

That being said, you have to give it about 10 seconds to get a good satellite fix, you have to use your eyes adjust the red triangle accordingly, and if its your home course, you have to know the yardages and pin locations better. I think the pins had been moved without recalibrating on the cart computer because of the way the physical marker jibed with the cart to center of green. Or I just had a lucky shot.

I think not, because it gave correct calls on clubbing far more often than the golf cart computer.

I found a glitch -if you roll over to next hole while scoring after the 18th hole, the scorecard rolls over to hole #1, and it changes the score to 1. If you press next hole -you then turn the #2 score into 1. The solution, after some frustration, involves fixing #1, then going back to #18. There should be a “finalize scorecard” or “sign scorecard” button that lets you end the round.

Addendum 4/22/2009

I went to the local track, Waveland, and got teamed up with two fine golfers -Rob, a regular, and Tyler, traveling on business. Rob looks to be a solid 15 handicapper who can shoot low, and Tyler used to play college golf, but laid up his sticks for 3 years. Rob was steady, two or three on, always two putting. Tyler could hit the ball 300 yards on the fly, and it was wondrous to see -only he also hit a lot of trouble for his feats of strength. He made up for it with up and down power which is the more desirable ability.

img_00022View Ti Golf just was not


working! It crashed on boot, and this was annoying as I wanted to use the putt counter. I switched to View Ti N -it has no deep stats, but has green view (didn’t know!). I was having a horrible time pitching, chipping, but putting was on -made several 5-10 footers, and even drained a 15 footer on the 9th and last hole! I realized the range finding function has to be given time -at least 10 seconds, and the admonition about turning iPhone on as you walk up to the ball is a true thing. For example, the yardage marker pictured showed 175 to center.

View Ti N initially showed 188, but slowly, and I mean slowly, counted down to 176 yards. Good thing, because the group ahead was playing circle jerk.


The paced out yardage was 188, and View Ti N reported this truly. I chose to fade a hybrid 3, aimed slightly left of center, and made an effortless swing -got the result below. About 15 feet away. View Ti N will give you as good a yardage as Sky Caddy for a fraction of the cost.

img_0152The upshot is that you have to turn the iPhone on as you approach the ball. It has to have a good clean 10-15 seconds -which can be an eternity if you’re not prepared or if you aren’t following the donkey and the three wise men.

After I got home, I couldn’t help notice that View Ti Golf had an update on the iTunes. They really, really have to consolidate their choices to ONE GREAT APP.

Update 4-25-2009

View Ti Golf is not working despite the update -it tries to startup then crashes back to the apps screen. View Ti N works fine -again, YH’s comments about turning it on and keeping it on while walking up to the ball (10 seconds on) gets it a good GPS fix. Good enough for allowing me to choose 4H over 3H at 177 yards to an elevated green. Results below:img_0160

Addendum 5-23-2009: contest for a download of View Ti Golf –link here

UPDATE 7-20-2009

I have downloaded Golfshot (review here) which is a new golf GPS app for iPhone. It certainly looks more polished than the trusty View Ti -I will review. Their course loading process takes a week and requires sending them a scan of the scorecard -which may mean more richness of course info. Wakonda and several other courses are not on so won’t be able to tell for now.

Comparing View Ti to a commercial handheld GPS -GolfCaddy- on four separate measurements this weekent, got the same reading!

25 thoughts on “The iPhone Does Everything – REVIEW of View Ti N and View Ti Golf -UPDATED AFTER USE

  1. Hello Aron. I would recommend going to and posting a request for your course. They have only one requirement that the course has Google map images taken on a sunny cloud free day. The turnaround is usually less than a day. I’m just about to go out and use it and will post an update!

  2. I like the satellite picture on View Ti G, because it lets me adjust the pin position for more accurate yardage. Also, I turn my phone off after my approach shot, and turn it back on as I’m going onto the tee box, and I’ve had no battery issues.

  3. Hi,

    I just bought the View TI golf. It’s still cold up here in Mass. so I’ve only used it once. My home course wasn’t on there so I sent an email and it was loaded the next day. Also, when I was out I came to the third hole and is showed the eighth, and eight was the third. I sent an email and they emailed me back in 1/2 hr, and said it was corrected, and it was. So the customer service has been excellent. However,the range is off 6-12 yards. Is there really a way to shut off the 3G functionality, I’d like to try that, because if it’s off by that much, I might as well search for sprinkler heads. Does anyone know if the other golf GPS’s are off that much too?

  4. Hi Mark, I hear you. Their very first iteration was frankly quite good, and I had a chance to check it out a few times over the winter. The authors seem to be reading every possible feedback and may even be reading this blog as it comes up pretty high on Google.

    Frankly, I’m rooting for this program to work -it’s getting warmer here in Iowa and I played 9 holes at the local municipal which was laid out on a section of farm -I just requested the course 30 minutes ago, we’ll time them!

    I agree -the customer service is above and beyond. Frankly, 3-5 yards off is no big deal, because that doesn’t change your club too much.

    The way to turn off your 3G is to go into the settings, go into the General Settings section, and under network, you have the option of turning off 3G. I did this while I was in NY last week because the AT&T 3G network does not work in New York City on the iPhone. There, I said it. I was standing next to the Apple store and was getting 5 bars of 3G but couldn’t get a phone call to work or a Google search to work. I am going to bring the phone in for a look see.

  5. JH, I can’t agree more. They need to streamline their offering to just the lite version which gives ranges, and the golf version which has the maps, the scorecard. I also have a wish list (see above)

  6. I don’t know anything about this wonderful customer support — I’ve repeatedly asked for my course to be added over the last 3 weeks since I bought the app — NOTHING, and no response when I emailed and asked for an explanation. It is worthless to me!!!

    • I will forward your comment -I think that you should Google map your course and see how the satellite images look -it may be undecipherable if there is a lot of trees. Also, you can send them the latitude and longitude from Google. This sucks if you can’t get your course on it!

  7. I got an autoreply from ViewTi regarding mapping of courses -it’s dependent on good satellite imagery with GPS data. I would add that it also needs to be shot during the winter months when deciduous foliage is minimal, and preferably during midday when shadows are minimal. A course in the mountains with lots of pine trees and ravines is going to be hard to map under these circumstances -I would think. ViewTi should have an aggressive refunding plan if your home course (based on a USGA handicap card) is not on ViewTi -this avoids everyone listing an unmappable course as their home course and demanding a refund.

  8. I am curious whether the full version app. $25 on itunes has more of a fairway view showing tee boxes. I find it difficult to see where i am standing when on a tee box and for those long par 5s i would like to see the entire fairway so i can range the bunkers and other hazards. when I zoom out from the green view it becomes harder to see the entire hole and where I am standing.

  9. The current version only gives you the approach shot. The scary thing, I think, for the programmers, is given how popular this program has become, the work of uploading new courses went from overnight back in December to now three days. It may involve phone calls to the course to get an idea of which holes are No. 1, etc, and requests for faxed score cards and layout maps from the clubs (or searches on internet). On trick that I was using before Golf Ti came out was to Google map myself, and then you can drop a pin on the hazards of note, etc, and get the distance in fractional miles which you convert to yards. You can do this in the comfort of your home in fact, and make notes in an actual yardage book -which you should have for your own home course. Fact is, I am too lazy to actually do this and know from experience which directions I should avoid, what shot shapes etc.

    The reason approaches are easily programmed is because the View Ti Folk can put that final datapoint reliably in as a longitude/latitude GPS value (on graphical center green). Drives and fairway directions are more work.

    So, no, View Ti does not do fairways yet.

    • looks like a great course -you’ll have to request the course on your app and it should be available in about 48 hours. my problem has been that my view ti golf has been crashing on launch -recently did a reset -will try this weekend because the course opens finally!

  10. Tried View TI for the first time tonight and for the most part it worked fine. A couple of times the yardage got really whacky (like over 6000 years) but was accurate for the most part. At one point, it performed erratically. I was waiting behind an agonizingly slow foursome. I was situated at the 112 yard mark as stepped off from the permanent marker. At first the unit registered 110 and then slowly dropped down to 95 yards before slowly returning to 110. That’s a pretty big disparity. Hitting the refresh icon in the upper left didn’t change the yardage. Someone suggested turning off 3G. Is that the same as selecting Airplane Mode?

    • I agree -it takes some getting used to. I use it when I can’t find geographic markers. The drift that you see I think has to do with the way iPhone triangulates cell towers and GPS. It may lose GPS and then try to fix on cell towers for location. I’ve had up to ten yards off. Turning off 3G causes some problems when getting yardage with “green” mode -where the satellite pic of the green is seen. Switching to “N” mode (no green view) with 3G off I think marginally improves speeds. I think the best version is frankly the View Ti N -it gives you the basic functionality that lets you decide on a club within a half a club accuracy -same as finding a sprinkler head. On my home course, I stick strictly to memory and landmarks.

      I think some readers confuse me for the company -I have nothing to do with View Ti whatsoever and get no income from this blog or from the authors of View Ti. I think it is one of the coolest iPhone apps but is limited by what the iPhone can do with GPS and AT&T’s 3G network.

      you can turn off 3G by going to general settings/network.

  11. Thanks for the reply. I’m still confused about how to “turn 3G off”. Is that the same as Airplane Mode?

    When I putted out on the 8th green I stood in the exact middle of the green and the unit said I was a distance of 15 yards. I’d sure like to avoid that kind of error.

  12. Pingback: A Contest for View Ti Golf download -iPhone Golf GPS App « Golfism -life is a metaphor for golf

  13. I did not renew my sky caddy membership and opted instead to purchase the View TI Golf. The users guide led me to believe that when you are on a tee box you can view the entire hole. I find I get mostly the green views and cannot seem to get the view I want, especially on par 5’s where you are trying to lay up to certain distances OR you are trying to get distances to carry hazards from the tee box.

    I have emailed View TI Golf over ten days ago and can not get a response or help from them. If anyone has any suggestions as to my problems with View TIGolf, I would appreciate any info.

  14. View Ti have gone from legitimate app to scam in my book. When I bought it they advertised no upgrade fess or annual fees. Now they have a “new” app (really the same app with a UI refresh) that I have to buy?

    This prompted me to buy GolfShot instead of paying for something I had been told was free. It’s a better app as well!

    • Agree. While View Ti was first out of the gate, I have since been using Golfshot GPS and really loving it for its simplicity and incredible depth. I will post a review

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