Man-Anger, more potent but shorter lived than Woman-Anger

graham-fussyMen tend to get angry about small things like particles of sand clinging to the skin between the fingers (above), and the bigger picture gets lost. But if you can distract him with small shiny gadgets or the keys to a Porsche, the moment passes and all memory of it will be lost. Women, on the other hand, get angry about big picture issues, and stay angry, and have the amazing capacity to get angry again if the issue is brought up, even after years and years have passed. I just saw a couple in my office who are celebrating their 65th anniversary, and I asked what the secret to their success was. The man who hadn’t spoken a word the entire visit, piped up, “you’ve got to give up and surrender.” And he raised up both of his arms. Very funny, only the young lady was not laughing.

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