You should be so grateful

This video is like cold water in my face because I am this person that the comic is talking about -I have become childish and churlish about having to wait for things, I expect instant gratification. I get put out when I don’t get that gadget delivered in 24 hours. I used to order sandwiches from ten years ago during the internet heydey and get it delivered to my apartment in 5 minutes. I have high expectations of my technology, and this bleeds into the people sphere. Twenty years ago, I had my first computer, and it was not networked. It was a Coleco Adam, and had 128k of memory, and a cassette tape drive. There were no real programs for it except for a wordprocessor that I used to type out my college essay. Otherwise, I programmed things myself using the Basic programming language that came with it. I programmed a thing called Life, that had the interesting property of mathematically modeling population growth graphically (link here for Wikipedia file). Now I have a ultraportable laptop with a 7 hour battery life that I can blog from anywhere on the planet with a WiFi link (Amazon link) that costs 390 bucks. It’s a little bit slow, but it feels like a little slice of the future.

Getting so impatient for perfection in our gadgets and life processes makes us forget to be grateful for life itself. In golfism as in life, to want is to suffer, so want for nothing and you will not suffer. I am grateful for my long suffering wife and my beautiful son. I should be so grateful.

Now about that 911 Turbo Cabriolet…

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