Axle grease – an increasingly scarce commodity

swing-on-plane001The great thing about watching a kid swing a club is that left alone, they will fall into the most efficient pattern of swinging. This is seen in the picture above (taken with iPhone btw), where the club is perfectly aligned, and the hand and arms are in perfect position. It was a slight toe hit, but the groove is setting in. 

Grip, address, and small photographer

Grip, alignment, address, and small photographer

The picture to the right shows an older, larger man who has to work at getting loose. The waggles help un-stiffen muscles that get in the way. The fidgeting shifts help settle the feet into the correct spot. The deep breaths help empty the mind of thought. But it’s all so conscious nevertheless. 

The axle grease that makes your joints glide gets clogged with the grit of fear, anticipation, and desire. It is letting go that gives you the ease of movement of a child. G doesn’t care so much that the ball goes, and every once in a while, he’ll tag one a hundred yards because the conditions all line up. 

He’s more interested in just being there, and I like to think it has something to do with me. The great thing about taking G to the golf hut is that I learn a lot from him. 

The score, the shot, the swing, are a by-product of your presence and actions. The key is to be present and to act accordingly.

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