Cover people

Attached is a link to a Youtube video showing Arnel Pineda. He is a Filipino singer who can channel Steve Perry of the band Journey. The video is of Arnel, NOT Steve Perry. The story is that Journey, in need of a lead singer, happened upon Arnel on Youtube and has now hired him as the lead vocalist. Which leads to the strange situation of Journey now being the best Journey cover band. But this is no isolated incident.

All bands eventually end up covering their own songs, carrying themselves on their earlier success. This happens to people as well, as I see people whose greatest moments had happened in high school, college, or ten years ago, but not now. They are cover people, basically doing an adequate job mimicking themselves when they were at their best. Golfism rejects this in that it is very important to stay in the NOW, and to create and play golf for the shot at hand and not for future or past glory.

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