Obama plays golf today

Obama played golf today while Hilary suspended her campaign. Immediately it is being judged as something wrong. Again, if he had gone running, no one would raise an eyebrow, but golf is something that is viewed as “elite,” time wasting, and selfish. Check it out. I think that it is telling that the one thing politicians don’t want to be associated with are prostitutes, bribes, and golf club memberships. 


As a middle aged man, there are very few things that we can learn to do well, aside from degenerating in the usual ways. Golf offers the potential of perfectibility. I can’t walk onto Yankee stadium and expect to hit a home run, but put me on a par three at Pebble Beach or Pinehurst #2, both of which I can get on way easier than Yankee stadium, and there is a calculable probability of an ace, a birdie, a par. The more I play, the more perfect I can become, like this sunset in Puerto Vallarta.

The green grass grows all around

Green grass off into the horizon clicks a genetic switch in our brain -it is the peace of the African savanna ape seeing the lush green after the rainy season. Time of prosperity and fecundity. The sap rises from the roots, and it is the spring of our days. 

Hunting and gathering is in our bones and sinews, and this is replicated by the tracking and seeking of the white ball. Smell the grass. Root along the leaf litter for the prized nut. Club that small prey animal with your 3 iron. Signal to your fellow ape with your call “Fore!!!”