The Galleria

Neither outdoor mall or business district nor convention center, it makes perfect sense in this car based landscape. A marital aid emporium with a huge lot and Vegas style signage next to the Dillards next to a parking ramp decorated with a Greco-Roman fountain, next to a three story colossal Costco? It’s all there at the Galleria. Like a thirty year old showgirl who’s run a few laps in her day, the place is all business and looks better at night than during the day.

We breakfast and off to Redstone for the third and final round. The weather is glorious. Tee time 930.

The Life, all thanks to the Wife


Santa Rita of Cascia, Patroness Saint of the Impossible

Santa Rita of Cascia, Patron Saint of the Impossible



J, mysterious lady of wonders, gave the rarest of gifts to me a month ago. It’s a passport so rare that it has caused gasps of astonishment among my fellow married men. Yes, I got the green light to go on a golfing weekend road trip to Houston with three of my golfing colleagues from Des Moines. 

Why is this such a great gift? Because J gave it to me with no strings attached -no emotional collateral or labor based mortgages. It was a gift given from a wife to her man from the heart. That’s why my partner, DC observed to me yesterday, “You married a saint.”

Indeed I did.