The Comical Irony That iOS 7 Users Are Suffering From Blue Screens Of Death

I have had my iPhone 5 reboot itself spontaneously after the iOS7 upgrade. Also, it will shut down declaring there is no battery left when there was 75% left on the meter. It is behaving no better than my Android 4.3 Nexus 7 Tablet which will crash on occasion as well. Steve would never have allowed this. We are now seeing an “industrial” Apple. People of a certain age can remember a time when Pepperidge Farms was their own company and made amazing chocolate chip cookies. Now these cookies are just another petroleum/corn based byproduct, a faint echo of their original goodness. Going big, which was a dream of every Apple fanatic back in the days right before Jobs returned, has now come back in the form of this kind of behavior -blue screens and defunct Maps. The revolution is over.

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