Mars Rover Landing: Curiosity Lands Early Monday Morning (RECAP)

This bodes well for America’s well being. At one time, doing really cool stuff was America’s metier. Landing a robotic Chevy by a rocket crane on the 4th planet, in a crater that we chose -how cool is that? It must feel like this to pitch one’s first victory after time spent on the disabled list. Of course, if it had failed, it would be another boondoggle example of government waste that could be better spent as pocket change in the ass pockets of troglodytes who don’t care where Mars is and believe the universe was created in a week.

Why are we there? If you are at all curious, that is reason enough that we are there, but for those troglodytes who are upset about government spending, I can reassure you that landing that Chevy with the American Flag logo painted on the side is as good as planting a flag on the planet. I bet you there is even a hidden flag that can be planted if it came to that. Mars is ours.
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