I F$#@ing Hate the Social Network, That’s Why You Have to Watch It

I fucking hate The Social Network. Not because it’s a bad movie -it’s very good and you should see it. The reason I hate it is it’s too good. During the entire first half hour, I felt like I was in one of my recurring stress dreams where I’m back at Harvard. In this dream, I am walking into Memorial Hall and sitting down with a stack of empty blue books, and I have three hours to answer questions that I know nothing about in a language that I cannot understand. < shudder >

Most of the first act was shot at Harvard, and the House dorms looked about the same as they did over twenty years ago.  What was more ingenious was the portrayal of undergraduate life there which was spot on. With those pictures rushed back the anxiety over social status, ethnicity, money, and the general envy and dismay towards all the Winklevosses who were there and above all of us. Hooray for Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin. They have changed the world.

Everyone who agrees, just poke me.

2 thoughts on “I F$#@ing Hate the Social Network, That’s Why You Have to Watch It

  1. The weak link in computer security is social engineering. Most of the folks who participate in Facebook and clones are the proletariat, and the power brokers who are there are there to promote themselves, less than to share their personal experiences. Its easy to harvest passwords and do malfeasance once the patterns of your personal activities are known. The Facebook generation will learn the hard way if and when they becomes of major means in later life.

    • It’s micromarketing. There is no market too small to provide a product or service too esoteric. There are pluses and minuses to both. The unplugged days are over and web presence is a kind of new civic presence.

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