Yankees Back Into Playoffs, most compelling game today is Giants v. Padres

The Yanks lost to the Red Sox who played no favorites by handing my team some shit pie in the form of a 8-4 loss at Fenway no less. The most compelling game is the Giants v. Padres battle which will help determine the fate of three teams, the Giants, the Padres, and my favorite NL team the Braves. The MLB app on my iPod Touch is just too amazing, giving me access to the thinking man’s sport from anywhere my Droid accesses the Verizon network which is everywhere.


The various seafood stews and soups from various cultures all share one thing: an intense focus on umame, what the Japanese call the fifth taste. This particular stew from Korea, soondubujjigae, outdoes anything. When I order bouillabaisse, it’s because I can’t get soondubujjigae. When I put tabasco into my Manhattan clam chowder it’s because I want soondubujjigae. Now through Maangchi’s formidable web site, I can make a very reasonable soondubujjigae at home. I did make it mild so that my reflux won’t kill me but it has enough kick to satisfy. I did use canned clams and added their broth. The soup, I strained out the anchovies and seaweed, was just a clobbering of umame. The Thai fish sauce which smells awful tastes sublime in this soup.

Link to Maangchi’s Recipe