The Middle-Age Crush


This is where hitting 40 meets the twilight zone. Sex is thrown at you a million different ways on television, the internet, at the mall, and on your cellphone, but the brain has a twisted way of dealing with nerves that have been stimulated to depletion. With the passing of Farah Fawcett, so went large market sex symbols. Megan Fox just isn’t so foxy after seeing her on everything but the cereal box. Nope -it’s Flo the Progressive Insurance Girl who makes me smile. I thought I was losing my mind, but it turns out, I am not alone (link here).

She’s not even that pretty, and its alarming how your attention is riveted by the very, very weird vibe emanating from the screen when she’s on. By outing myself on this, I hope to exorcise myself of it. I feel very, very dirty and underinsured.

One thought on “The Middle-Age Crush

  1. At our age its not the sex as much as it is the attitude we find sexy. The character just oozes a sense of self that people are going to find sexy no matter how a person looks.

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